Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

Thanjavur (formerly Tanjore), like other places in Tamil Nadu, brims with a sort of temple atmosphere. Its a magnificient feeling that’s difficult to be put in words. The city was the seat of the Chola kings. The most prominent presence in the city is the Brihadeeswara temple  or the Big Temple. It stands proof for the level of skill and knowledge the Cholas possessed in architecture and sculpture.



Magnificient, also is the amazing detail and intricacy in each bit of sculpture, as much as a huge statue of Nandi facing the main temple. The statues – Nataraj and other deities – are like the perfect harmony of aesthetic beauty and magnificentness. You wouldn’t be sure what is spell binding – the beauty of the sculpture or an amazing texture-puzzle that it forms. They are also proof to the wonderful grid systems and sculpture rules that the temple artisans were masters of (other links – 1 | 2)


The ways for water to flow out.

The wall around the mail temples have paintings, inscriptions all along. You’d also find smaller statues of Nandi facing the Shiva lingas alog it.

Near the entrance there’s an elephant who would bless you – literally placing his trunk on your head.

The lady on right – by far the cutest pose I have seen amongst temple sculptures i guess 🙂

Note the detail on the sculpture – especially the ropes and the knots !!

Walking around in the town is also a pleasure – bright colours, simple lives and people, lot of flower shops, small eating outlet with awesome dosa-idli-sambhar (You find awesome food almost everywhere in Tamil Nadu)


Reaching there: I had taken the overnight bus from Bagalore to Tanjore. The buses going to Velankanni passes through Thanjavur.

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2 thoughts on “Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

  1. These are wonderful sketches! I really liked the temples & your interpretation of complex simplicity 🙂 I am interested in getting a few sketches. Please contact me if interested

  2. Thank you sir.
    I currently work at an NGO in Bangalore.
    The sketches here are rather quick jottings that I had made in my notebook – I like details as well as (algorithmic) rules in the temple construction and sculpture. I am happy that you like them. Please let me know what the kind of drawings that you have in mind – I will check if I can accomodate them.

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