Kochi Muziris Biennale


The first Biennale of India happened in our little city of Kochi. I guess it is being discussed and discussed several places on n off the internet. More than being one of the first (large scale) tastes of contemporary art for the Malayali, it also was a journey back in history – to the mix of traders, sailors, localites, merchants, spices, culture, silk all that wound through  the port of Muziris. The venues also gave us a taste of reliving the past with the plethora of art, people, ideas etc from all across the world. Suddenly the word Muziris springs up a lot of emotions – I think it’s where the actual power of history, your homeland, your roots, lie. These are few of the images from our visit to the Aspinwall house – they are only the really very few that Ihad clicked ( Biennale was much, much, much more )

This is a work called A Cloud for Kochi by this artist Alfredo Jaar. It has a verse from the Meghasandesham (by Kalidasa) translated, and written using neon lights on the wall. Water fills the floor of the room and you can read from the reflection of the text in the water (its laterally inverted on the wall). The magic happens when there are ripples in the water (the room has a lone window) – as you read, the text is blurred by the little waves into a little cloud form.
meghasandesham  _JKW4572

This video installation titled The destroyed world   by Santiago Sierra has the letters of KAPITALISM shot in 10 different countries. It shows the letters being destroyed slowly._JKW4603-STITCH

This work by Jonas Staal had insignias of 45 banned organisations.

I really cant remember(find online) the name of this work and the artist. The details were really spectacular.
_JKW4561-GROUP  _JKW4555

These are works by Vivek Vilasini. (It is his image that he has other people’s images juxtaposed upon)

The Last Supper – Gaza (also by Vivek Vilasini) was one of the strongest expression that I have witnessed towards the life in Middle East. Apart from all the fury, the pity, the empathy, the rebellion that it evoked against the oppression of the Palestinians, it brought up that nagging pain and a little prayer in our hearts for a homeland and an end to suffering for the Palestinians.

Some more stills


_JKW4631 _JKW4627  _JKW4584 _JKW4551 _JKW4537 _JKW4535

As it draws to a close on 13.3.13, there will be a sense of loss – an event that started amidst much interest, much eagerness, much enthusiasm, much noise, much problems, much controversy – that slowly grew to become one of our city’s own since it started on 12.12.12. Eagerly awaiting the next biennale to bring the world to our city again.
_JKW4575  _JKW4564

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