If you are a Keralite, the first thought that crosses your mind is “OMG, this place is exactly Kerala”. The houses – the tiled sloping roofs, the wooden windows peeping out from under the roof so much like our (now dying) memories of the Kerala townscape.

_JKW5498  _JKW5512_JKW5349  _JKW5362

The old house and the banyan tree – I had thought it was Deja vu

The  arecanut trees. It’s only later that you notice that there aren’t many coconut trees around.

The red stones (Chengallu – as we we’d call it)!!!

… and this 🙂

Coffee plantations are one of the many things that Coorg is famous for.
_JKW5415  _JKW5367


Thadiyandamol is the highest peak in Coorg – in the Kodava language it translates as ‘the highest peak’. It is a 7km trek.

  _JKW5484 _JKW5463 _JKW5458 _JKW5468   _JKW5449 _JKW5438_stitch _JKW5428 _JKW5369

Nalkanad palace
On the way to the Thadiyandamol peak is the Nalkanad palace. The palace was where king Chikkaveerarajendra took refuge before faliing to the British. The wikipedia link is here.

The wooden structure beneath the roof
_JKW5382 _JKW5389

Under the roof. (Houses in Coorg as well as the old tiled houses in Kerala has this kind of wooden framework holding the tiles. The attic space here called macchu in Malayalam is used for storage)

The Kalyana Mandapam (Marriage hall/stage)
_JKW5383 _JKW5391

Somehow that lock reminded of life these days – us running behind all modern amenities and brands and what not, when the actual beautiful stuff has been always here and mostly ignored…

_JKW5396 _JKW5397

Wall painting at the palace … there was some shooting which happened there and the film guys had started plastering the wall and painting it with some shiny painting that they wanted in the film…so much of the actual wall drawings are now lost.

_JKW5393 _JKW5386 _JKW5380 _JKW5395_1

Just behind the palace is this lovely Nalli Kalli school (Nalli Kalli is a program based on Activity Based Learning)

The Namdroling monastery at Bylakuppe.
Any visit to Coorg isnt complete without seeing the Buddhist monastery at Bylakuppe. It is a Tibetan settlement. The monastery provides a serene, peaceful experience – try sitting quietly and just being in there.
_JKW5594 _JKW5642 - stitch _JKW5637_JKW5638 _JKW5664

The model of the Tibetan land – a small thought about their history and your heart skips a beat with the faintest of sighs.

They say that light is hope. For a nation, for a people, for lives, for peace, for love, for Tibet  – although it’s a humble prayer that’s all that I have to offer. 
_JKW5652  _JKW5660
_JKW5651 _JKW5665 _JKW5667 _JKW5669

We stayed at the Mother’s Bounty Inn, in Madikeri. The dorms are pretty clean and comfortable. The food was great, and they had also arranged for a campfire.
 _JKW5535 - stitch

Mode of transport: There were about 40-50 of us, hence we hired a bus from Banglore. The journey is about 6 hours. KSRTC also runs regular services to Coorg.
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