The tree with the maple-like leaves fill Srinagar. Them and some other trees, all yellow now in the fall, paint a really pretty picture
leaves   leaves  leaves

Dal Lake
shikara   shikara   
shikaradal lake   dal lake   dal lake dal lake   house boats at night   shikara  dal lake  crow
Nishaat Bagh – Srinagar
Though it is fall time, and the flowers bloom around April, the gardens in Srinagar still have much colour.
nishaat   nishaat   nishaat

Post office at Nehru park
floating post office

Srinagar – Old city
The houses feature a lot of old brick and quite a lot of wood. Roofs sloping both ways are also a feature
old srinagar  old srinagar  old city-srinagar

Jama Masjid – Srinagar
Mosques in Srinagar are more box shaped and not the common domes that we generally see.

jamia masjid  jamia masjid  jamia masjid
The pillars in the halls of the mosque are all single tree trunks

jamia masjid  jamia masjid  jamia masjid  jamia masjid

The Kashmiri language, and the spirituality in the air were what struck me most on the visit.
Definitely returning very soon.

Travel mode
I travelled to Srinagar from McLeodganj (Buses – McLeodganj[5 pm]-Dharmsala-Gaggal-Pathanko-Jammu[12-12:30 am]; Shared taxi from Jammu to Srinagar [10 am] )
Return – Shared taxi to Jammu, overnight bus to Delhi

Hotel New Zeenath, Dalgate [The charge was 400 for a night … very convenient, quite spacious, and clean room]

Had stayed at a house boat for a day, but the experience was horrible – dont want to think about it.

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